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Donate to our Go Fund Me Campaign

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Winter 2015 News From The Orphanage


The children of L’Orphelinat Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours, in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and donations past, present and future!

Construction Work Continues

Construction Work Continues

The outpouring of support has remained continuous, and just last month more construction work was done on the new orphanage.  We are about 1/4 of the way through building, and raising another $40,000 US to complete the project is something that we strive to do in 2015.

However, this week the critical mission is to raise enough money to pay teachers and workers at the orphanage.  Please help us survive and succeed by donating, either via paypal or our fiscal sponsor.  We lost several sustaining donors, and fundraising has slowed, leaving a shortage of funds to help us pay our few teachers who educate these 26 children in grades from 1st to 5th.  Salaries for those who have consistently remained on staff at ONDPS is crucial for their survival as well.  The $100 per month received supports and feeds their families.  Would you donate today?  Every penny goes directly to the care and support of the children at this orphanage.


By donating you will see your dollar go right to work.  No administrative or overhead fees are ever a part of our mission in Haiti.


Take a moment and check out our website to see the work that has been accomplished and what we hope to do in the future.

Thank you,

Elaine Brower, President

Sustainable Orphanages for Haitian Youth

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The children of L’Orphelinat Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours, in Croix des Bouquets, Haiti, thank you for all of your thoughts, prayers and donations past, present and future! Please help us survive and succeed by donating through this website, either via paypal or our fiscal sponsor, where we receive support for education, care and well-being. May this holiday season provide peace, love, global kindness and happiness to all of you!

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DAILY FOOD $68.00/day** Meals include Spaghetti, rice,   beans, meat, juice, milk, corn, potatoes, fruit, fish $476.00 $1,904.00
COOKING OIL $61.00/month 8 gallons per month $15.25 $61.00
COAL $142.00/month 10 bags(2.5 bags per week) $35.50 $142.00
PERSONAL   HYGIENE PRODUCTS $100.00/month Toothpaste, body soap, shampoo,   clothing soap, mosquito spray, bleach* $25.00 $100.00
SALARIES $600.00/month 3 teachers @ $100/month; cook,   guardian, woman to wash clothing @100.00 pp $150.00 $600.00
GASOLINE FOR GENERATOR $35.00/week $35.00 $140.00
SERVICE FOR GENERATOR $37.50/week keep generator running properly $37.50 $150.00
TOTAL $3,097.00
**NOTE:    THIS FIGURE REPRESENTS FEEDING A TOTAL OF 25 CHILDREN, and staff of 3   who live at orphanage (Father Bourdeau, teacher, guardian) per day AND IS   OFFSET BY SUBSIDIES FROM FOOD FOR THE POOR and LOVE A CHILD
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Children of ONDPS  DSC04580DSC04738DSC04740  DSC04744 DSC04762 DSC04835  DSC04838 DSC04580  DSC04983 DSC04984 DSC04985 DSC04986 DSC04987 DSC04988 DSC04989

The children of ONDPS

The children of ONDPS

 It has been awhile since our last communication from Haiti and we are still working hard!  Over the last 6 months, the food supply from Food From the Poor and Love A Child has been helpful in providing a steady source of ingredients for their meals.  Although it is mainly rice, beans, spaghetti and sometimes cereal, the children have been able to eat at least three times a day.  With the help of our sustaining donors, Jim and Dorothy Clark of Staten Island, United Church of Lincoln in Vermont, and Dr. Patricia Back, other items such as some fruit and vegetables, coal for cooking and oil can be purchased monthly.

However, we need more donations from supporters to help keep this orphanage open and working to care for the children who reside there.  In order to pay the staff, additional sustaining donors are required. To help manage and maintain the school and sleeping facilities for 26 children, it costs $600.00 per month, each employee receives a salary of $100 US, not including general daily living expenses.   Your donations will help continue education for all grade levels, and provide much needed textbooks.  Please won’t you help?  You can make a tax deductible donation via our fiscal sponsor via the link above or a non-tax deductible donation at our paypal site.  If you would like to be a sustaining donor, just let us know!  Whatever your monthly contribution could be, it helps us keep these kids housed, educated, fed, and clothed.
During the month of January, the children received a visit from Haley, a friend from Montana.  Haley spent a week at the orphanage where she washed clothing, helped cook meals and spent much time playing with the children.  They were all so excited to have her there, and hope she returns on her next visit to Haiti.

Construction for the new school and dormitory facilities is ongoing.  Thanks to many small, as well as large donations, the building is about 1/4 complete.  You can find our list of expenses listed here at this website. Since the new structure is not finished yet, we must raise $1,500 US to continue renting the building where they live now.   

Whatever donation you can make to help us keep them housed is so important at this juncture.  If the rent can’t be paid, the landlord will evict the children, Father Bourdeau and the school will close.

Sustainable Orphanages for Haitian Youth” is a New York State based not-for-profit that was established in 2010 right after the earthquake.  All donations made go directly to help these children.  It is a small endeavor, but not one without rewards.  You will know that whatever you contribute is used in their behalf to provide a better life and a solid future. 
Thank you and please spread the word by sharing this message, posting to facebook and twitter.  You will be saving a life!
Elaine Brower,
Sustainable Orphanages for Haitian Youth
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Dear Friends:
First Day of School October, 2013

First Day of School October, 2013

Greetings from the children at L’Orphelinat Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours!   School for the children at the orphanage began this month.  There are teachers who provide levels of instruction from kindergarten to 6th grade.  The children are happy to get back to their studies, and are eager to learn.
Over the summer months, we received donations from supporters helping with continuing the construction.  Thanks to Laurie and Jen from Brooklyn, some progress was made in finishing the foundation work.  Hopefully this year we can raise enough to complete the building.  Please donate by using the links on this website.  You can make a tax deductible donation through our fiscal sponsor “Alliance for Global Justice”, or a non-tax deductible donation via paypal. 




Finished Foundation

During the month of August, three of the children were striken with cholera.  Fortunately Father Bourdeau rushed them to the local hospital for care and treatment.  The stagnant water around their current living quarters has turned completely toxic, and ridden with garbage and rodents.  Constant cleaning with bleach finally curtailed the spread of the disease, and the children survived.  These conditions have led us to try to relocate the orphanage to a temporary rental house until the construction is finished.  Thanks to Dr. Patricia Back, The United Church of Lincoln, Jim and Dorothy Clark, Richie Marini and others, some money is in reserve as we search for a suitable house to be leased.  The cost could be upwards of $5,000 US, and right now there is about $3,000 put aside for this rental. 

Please donate to help get these children into a house with clean water and some electricity. This will give us a little time to finish the new building.
All yourdonations go directly to help provide a better life for these children.  With all of your support, we have come very far over the last several years. 
There are wages being paid, 3 meals a day, purchase of new land with construction of a new orphanage; new clothing, and many other conveniences that are provided to help these children live a little better than before we started helping. 
Your donations will continue to help and you can see exactly where the money is spent.  
Click on the link above to donate.
Share with your friends via email, and on social media.  You can make a difference with whatever amount you can share. 
Thank you! 
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Summer 2013 News from the Orphanage!

Dear Friends:

Greetings from the children at L’Orphelinat Notre Dame du Perpetuel Secours!

Our “GoFundMe” campaign, which we began in the Spring, raised $1,677.00 out of our $5,000.00 goal, and the children are very grateful to those who donated. You can still contribute by visiting the “GoFundMe” website through the link below.Construction of the new living quarters and school on the new land is stalled due to lack of funds to purchase building materials. The foundation, as you can see from the photo below, is partially complete, the well is complete, and the fence provides protection.  However, donations are greatly needed to make progress to resume work.  Every cent you contribute helps us get closer to our goal of providing these kids with a clean, habitable place to live and learn.  Please donate today.

Stalled construction

Stalled construction

We are excited to announce the birth of our calf, born on July 4th!  Her mom, Elsie, who was purchased through donations from the United Church of Lincoln in Vermont, and John Brower’s friends and family, is doing fine.  These cows will be used to provide milk for the children in a few weeks, when Elsie can produce enough for all of their consumption.  Father Bourdeau has diligently cared for both mom and daughter, now named “Libete” or “Liberty”, after our Independence Day! 

liberty at birth

Libete at Birth, July 4th

Elsie and Libete

Children receiving Barrel of clothing, toys and goodies

Children receiving Barrel of clothing, toys and goodies

Thanks go out to Rob, Kelly, Rachel, Nick and Evie, who drove 10 hours from North Carolina to deliver a van load of clothing, food and toys which were then shipped to the orphanage.  Nick decided he wanted to help children less fortunate then himself so collected items from his school.  The donations grew far past his expectations!  Fortunately, his mom found our website and decided they would give these children the articles they had collected in North Carolina. Thanks, Nick!  And we hope that you continue your interest in helping others way into your adulthood!

The food situation grew somewhat dire in the early summer.  Thanks to donations made from our supports, food was purchased retail at the local market.  This is quite costly in Haiti, and the scarcity of any food supplies there now has driving up prices.  But good news!  Love-A-Child Ministries agreed to include our orphanage in their distribution of food to the poor in Haiti.  This is a tremendous breakthrough for us since having only one source of food supplies from Food For the Poor was not enough to sustain the children through the 2 month schedule.  We want to thank Love-A-Child Ministries for their support and tremendous work in Haiti. Visit their website link above, or like them on facebook.

School is on break for the summer.  However, the teachers will return in September to begin classes.  Salaries for those who help maintain the lives of the 25 children living at the orphanage continue to be a priority for our small not for profit group.  Thanks to James and Dorothy Clark of Staten Island and the United Church of Lincoln in Vermont, we are able to pay wages for 2 employees.  But with three teachers; Mrs. Noel Saintanie (Mrs. Annie), Mrs. Didier Charlemagne and Mr. Noel Vilbrun, and three employees; Adolphe Michelet (cook), Exantus Codeaux (groundskeeper), and Jocelene Dorce (wash woman) photos below, we are in desperate need of monthly sustainers.  And in September, we will need a fourth teacher for the higher grades.

Monthly sustainers are important to ensure that salaries, which in turn support the families of those employed at the orphanage, are consistent and reliable.  These six workers need their monthly pay, just as we do, to survive.  Would you consider becoming a monthly sustainer? Each employee receives $100 per month.  For a tax deductible monthly sustaining gift you can donate via this link through our online fiscal sponsor or via our paypal account, which is not tax deductible.  For $100 per month you will be helping to not only keep these people gainfully employed and working for our children, but providing a mechanism for them to feed and cloth their families, as well as support the Haitian economy.  If you can’t donate $100 per month, please consider a lesser gift on a monthly sustaining basis.  You can earmark your contribution for any one of these employees:

Michelet Adolphe

Adolphe Michelet

Jocelene Dorce

Jocelene Dorce


Codeaux Exantus (groundskeeper)
Exantus Codeaux (groundskeeper)
Mrs. Noel Saintanie (Teacher, Kindergarten)

Mrs. Noel Saintanie (Teacher, Kindergarten)

Sustainable Orphanages for Haitian Youth has come a very long way since our first visit to Haiti in February 2010, just after the earthquake that rocked this tiny island in the western hemisphere.  With help from you, we have and will continue to provide these children, and hopefully more to come in the future, with a better life than without us. 

Mrs. Didier Charlemagne (Teacher, First & Second Grades)
Mrs. Didier Charlemagne (Teacher, First & Second Grades)

Please donate and consider becoming a sustaining supporter of this small community.  Every penny goes directly to the children and employees that depend upon us for assistance to survive.  Can you do your part?

Yours truly,

Elaine Brower, President

Mr. Noel Vilbrun (Teacher, Third Grade)
Mr. Noel Vilbrun (Teacher, Third Grade)
Salary Ledger

Salary Ledger


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