JUNE, 2014

Our organization was established in the aftermath of the earthquake that devastated many areas of Haiti in January of 2010. Our mission was to rebuild Orphelinat Notre‐Dame du Perpetuel Secours in the Village of Mayer, Croix‐des‐Bouquets, Haiti, which was damaged, and subsequently construct an entirely new orphanage suitable to house over 60 children who are cared for by Father Jonel Bourdeau.

Currently, the orphanage has minimal facilities, and is barely functioning as a living and learning facility.  Water is provided, but becomes contaminated from time to time, causing illness amongst the children; a generator functions periodically providing minimal electricity when needed; the room that functions as a school is in dire need of major repair; and there are not enough beds for the children to sleep in, therefore many spend nights on the cement floor.

The children currently live in two small rooms, with sparse to no accommodations, and a below grade education.  However, since the founding of “Sustainable Orphanages for Haitian Youth” their situation has slowly improved.   We have helped provide regular meals, mostly rice and beans with meat and vegetables when possible, three teachers on staff for elementary education, and salaries for a cook, and others who care for the children.

Long term, Sustainable Orphanages For Haitian Youth (SOFHY) has a vision to build an entirely new orphanage that is completely sustainable with a garden where the children will not only learn how to farm but have the ability to grow their own food instead of depending upon the intermittent help of NGO’s (Non‐governmental Agencies) for their survival.  The property will contain a new dormitory and school structure, clinic, state‐of‐the‐art solar energy for power, a well for water, and sanitation facilities.

Our organization is incorporated as a not‐for‐profit in the State of New York and is a fiscally sponsored project of Alliance for Global Justice, which provides the mechanism for tax deductible donations and fiscal accountability.  We employ those who live in Haiti, and have paid salaries for the last several years.



Over the last 3 years, SOFHY has established itself as a viable entity in Haiti. Recognized by the Haitian Consulate, and working with NGO’s, the organization has employed local Haitian community members in projects such as:

‐      rebuilding the roof on the school that collapsed;

‐      purchased 5.5 centiems (approx. ¼ acre) of property for the ongoing construction of facilities;

–          began and completed construction of the fence/barrier wall surrounding the newly purchased property;

–          received a new large water well on property from a local NGO;

–          provided health care services on a regular basis for all the children, and specifically those who have contracted illnesses, and general health checkups.

–          created a mechanism whereby the children now have a steady supply of food when before there was none;

‐      found sustaining donors for 2 teachers who are on staff;

‐      found sustaining donors for a guardian for the grounds of the school;

‐      has worked with churches, and some small companies to help raise money for necessities at orphanage including beds, desks, uniforms, shoes, refrigerator and generator, a well;

‐      SOFHY has shipped barrels with clothing, books, notepads, personal hygiene products and other items to the children to help provide a more comfortable existence;

Future Needs

Our three most important missions going forward for 2014 are: (a) to secure funding of approximately $60,000 USD to complete construction of the new dormitory and school facilities; (b) to construct a new orphanage and school for children who reside at the orphanage and those within the surrounding community with a sustainable farm; (c) to secure sustaining donors at $100.00 US monthly for four or five teachers necessary for education of children at the orphanage and within the surrounding community who will attend our new school.

In order to move this project forward, an architect was employed in Haiti to design plans for a new structure.  After developing the plans, cost estimates for materials and labor were compiled in order to determine the target for our fundraising goal. (see “architectural design” document on website)

Currently, the funding estimate is summarized on the table below:

PHASE II: CONSTRUCTION   OF NEWORPHANAGE and SCHOOL (Can be completed now   that fence is constructed) $59,052.43 USD NOTE: Detailed cost spreadsheet   is available

By doing this we can:

‐              Create an environment for the children to have a proper education;

‐              Teach the children how to grow their own food, thereby becoming independent and free from foreign markets;

‐              Build a new sustainable dormitory and school with electricity from solar panels, modern indoor facilities such as a kitchen with running water, stove, etc., and enough rooms for security and their comfort;

‐              Provide sanitation and water facilities that are clean and prevent the spread of disease;

‐             The ability to house more children that are now roaming the streets with no place to sleep or eat;

‐              Build a new school for the children who reside at the orphanage and enough space for children in the community to attend;

‐              Continue to employ teachers and workers at the orphanage, providing members of the community with a source of income so they can provide for their own families.

Help can be offered in several ways:

(1) By “adopting” the SOFHY project, members of an organization might consider providing donations through fundraising to help fund the mission.

(2) Members of an organization can participate in working in Haiti to help in various ways:  construction help with building on the new property, etc.   Teams can travel to Haiti to work directly on the construction project; teach the children; and/or, administer health care.

(3) An interested organization can add this project to the mission of their organization, thereby partnering with SOFHY with announcements, photos and videos posted on the website.

(4) An organization can assist in calling attention to the conditions in Haiti and focus attention on our mission and create an environment for these children to have the education and skills to give back to their community in the future.

(5) Contacting NGO’s, relief missions and other organizations that operate in Haiti for assistance in food and medical supplies.

(6) Direct monetary donations to this project.


SOFHY requests that anyone who is interested consider all that is stated above. Our Board of Directors consists of four members: Elaine Brower, President and Treasurer; Wilson Bourdeau, Vice President, Fr. Jonel Bourdeau, Vice President and Tanya Thurman (Brower), Secretary. Our fiscal sponsor, “Alliance for Global Justice,” provides tax‐deductions on all donations made through their organization, and SOFHY is currently awaiting tax exempt status.

The mission that we have undertaken is one of humanitarian and relief work. Unlike the large NGO’s, over 9,000 operating in Haiti, our aim is sustainability on the local level.

Find Father Jonel Bourdeau on facebook.

Thank you, and please let us know if there is any assistance you might be able to offer. I am available at any time to answer any questions you may have.

Elaine Brower

President, Sustainable Orphanages for Haitian Youth



for a downloadable version visit this link.

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